Improve Golf Swing—The Four Factors That Keep You From Doing It And How to Fix Them

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We all know how easy it can be to get a grooved swing, get your hands right, get your posture right, get the swing just right … in practice. Then when you actually play you can't muster the same control. Your swing goes from great to goofy in a matter of minutes.

So what happens to screw up your swing?

The answer: anxiety.

Sure, you're not terrified when you play. But even tiny levels of anxiety or discomfort can have negative effects on your swing, making you lose the control you experienced during practice. The anxiety makes it hard to improve your golf swing.

Here's why:

  1. Tension in the hands and forearms
    When you experience anxiety blood flows away from your hands and feet. This makes it harder to feel the club in your hands, making you grip it tighter. So even when your body is in right position during the swing the extra tightness in your hands screws up your timing. This prevents you from releasing the club properly, making it harder for you to control the distance and direction of your golf shots. This causes you to miss shots that you made in practice when you were not nervous.

  2. Being too quick at the top of your swing
    When we feel fear we tend to do things more quickly. That's why people who fear speaking in public often talk too fast when they are nervous. You need to be in control of how fast you swing your club to maintain accuracy. Fear tends to speed up your swing unnecessarily, sometimes making you hit the ball beyond your target.

  3. Slowing down on the downswing
    Why does this happen? Fear and doubt about your swing cause you to slow down. Thoughts that fire in your mind too rapidly to notice like "Maybe I'm hitting too hard" or "I better be careful here" cause you to slow down in the final moments of your swing.

  4. Pulling out of the shot early
    Because fear makes you want to do things faster, it makes you want the shot to be over too quickly. You pull out of the shot early so that you can get rid of the pressure sooner. You do most of this unconsciously.

So what can you do to get rid of these problems?

Most people try positive thinking to handle their anxiety. This does help but unfortunately it doesn't work completely.

Bobby Jones had the right idea when he said:

"If I have two swing thoughts, I have no chance at all. If I have one, maybe I'll have a good shot. If I have none, then I can play like Bobby Jones."

So the way to improve-golf-swing your swing is to have a clear mind when you play.

And how do you do that?

To get a clear mind you have to get to the root cause of the negative thoughts which is usually a set of beliefs that you hold on an emotional level.

These beliefs must not be "replaced" by positive thoughts. They have to be gotten rid of so that there is a clear open space in your mind.

When your mind is clear and open as you play, when the “little voice” in your head is totally quiet, you will no longer have anxiety as you swing.

You will play consistently, enjoy the game more and eventually lower your scores.

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Keywords: Improve Golf Swing, Improve Golf Swing Quickly, Improve Golf Swing Solution

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