How to Fix Golf Slices

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Every amateur golfer hates slices. When the ball curves far to the right (for righties) or far to the left (for lefties) too often, the frustration can just kill your enjoyment of the game. So how can you stop your golf slices?

There is no end to the advice given to fix golf slices, almost all of which focus on the mechanical aspects of the game.

Jim Flick, former coach of Jack Nicklaus, listed the four mechanical problems that need to be corrected to fix golf slices in the August, 2003 issue of Golf Digest:

  1. The upper body rotates open too soon on the downswing.
  2. The hands get too high at impact.
  3. The upper body outraces the club on the downswing.
  4. The grip end gets too far ahead of the club head at impact.

Most of these are the result of one major physical factor. The golfer has slowed his swing on the downswing.

How does slowing the downswing cause most of these mechanical problems?

When you slow the downswing you slow the speed of your arms but often your upper body continues at the same rate of speed, causing it to rotate open too soon on the downswing (1) or outrace the club (3). And as you slow down you may not rotate your forearms enough allowing the grip end to get too far ahead of the club head at impact (4).

So why do you slow your downswing?

The answer: anxiety and doubt about your swing.

Negative thoughts like “I might be swinging too fast,” or “My direction might not be right,” and questioning thoughts like “Is my position okay?” “Am I gripping the club right?” or “Are my hips positioned correctly?” keep you from focusing on the ONLY thing that matters at that moment … which is getting the ball to go where you want it to go on each stroke, ultimately into the hole.

But even positive thoughts get in the way. As Fred Shoemaker, noted sports psychologist and the author of Extraordinary Putting said,

My experience of positive thinking is that it's just more thinking, a mental process while we're in a physical activity. It's also an indication of doubt. … Positive thinking is an overlay of doubt; it's a strategy to overcome negative thinking, and while it may have better effects than negative thinking, I've never seen it fully promote peace of mind and freedom.

So what does promote the peace of mind and freedom needed to fix your golf slice?

One way is to actually clear the mind of negative beliefs that cause our anxiety and doubtful thoughts.

Beliefs like “Mistakes are bad” and “If I fail, I'll look stupid” that keep our minds focused on what we might do wrong can be permanently eliminated.

One way of doing this is with The Lefkoe Method, a set of techniques I developed to get rid of beliefs and which are the only scientifically proven method of getting rid of performance anxiety.

And golfers, just like you, who have used The Lefkoe Method, were able to fix golf slices in just a few hours spread out over a period of weeks.

My company, the Lefkoe Institute, provides a money back guarantee if we aren't able to assist golfers to significantly improve their performance and increase their enjoyment of the game.

To find out more about our guarantee and exactly how The Lefkoe Institute can help you, please click fix golf slices.

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